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Startup directories are the perfect place to connect with the early adopters there who are looking to try the newest thing.

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The directories we submit to provide valuable backlinks which place you higher in search results and over time leads to organic traffic.

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Time during your startup launch is precious. We save you 10+ hours of manual submissions so you can focus on growing your startup.

How We Work

1 Sign up & fill out your startup info [5 Minutes]
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Will my startup get featured on all the directories?

Not all startup directories will feature your startup as each has its own set of criteria. But you can expect to get featured on 30% of the directories we submit to.

However, given the wider variety of startups we work with, we do not guarantee any specific number of listings.

How many visitors should I expect?

While the numbers greatly vary, you can expect anywhere between 200-1000+ visitors.

Startup directories are also used by decision-makers, journalists, investors as well as entrepreneurs to find products and services for their businesses which results in generating inbound leads for your business throughout the year.